Monday, November 04, 2002


well we had a good run, no? i accidently deleted everything. the template, the archives, the pictures. it's all gone. i guess i'd like to thank all the people that came here on a regualar basis, but since most of the current hits come from umm.. google, thats probably not you.

in the end the page became something i was not. pretensious indieness got old after a while, so i'm done with this scene. i still love the music and the energy of a good show, but as for being part of this subculture, fuck it. it's not that real if you label yourself "indie" because it's cool and happening, not because you like the music. i have to keep it real for myself, not anybody else.

maybe i'll be back someday, but probably not. don't hold your breath. i'll leave you with a quote by elvis costello.

"writing about music is like dancing about architecture - it's really a stupid thing to want to do."